Live on Bloomberg – how reputations are made

In the wake of the historic volatility in the markets, Bloomberg TV turned to Summit Street Capital Management’s CIO and Managing Member Jennifer Wallace for some perspective.

Jennifer has benefited from our media training spearheaded by Templar consultant Molly Falconer de Ramel, an Emmy award-winning journalist who has spent over a decade reporting and anchoring global business news.

“Media training is critical to every individual in leadership. From the VP level to the C-Suite, reputations are created through on-camera calls with clients, pitch opportunities, speaking engagements, panel discussions, publicity videos, and business news.

Any media engagement that falls short of first-rate reflects poorly on leadership, and undermines confidence in the institution. You have to get it right,” Molly explains.

Templar’s media offering is a 360-degree awareness and management of how you come across on camera: telepresence, Skype calls with clients and TV.

Our clients have many successful appearances on the most influential business news platforms: Asset TV, Bloomberg TV, CNBC’s Squawk Box and ‘Mad Money,’ Facebook business news feeds, FBN, FNC, NASDAQ Newsroom, among many others.

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