The Annual Meeting / LP Conference is critical to stakeholder relations and future fundraising. It is high pressure, and high risk.

Working hand-in-hand with the Investor relations function, Templar provides expert third party advice and support to GPs for their most important annual large-scale investor event. We advise on all aspects of the preparation, drafting, rehearsal and delivery of keynotes, portfolio company video clips and industry panels. We ensure that whether live (panels and Q&A) or pre-recorded (keynotes, portfolio company and fund updates), speakers and their messages are clear, concise and compelling.

A successful outcome requires effective co-ordination between the GP IR team, Templar and the video and event production company. Clarity of initial briefing, clear drafting deadlines, and a commitment to rehearsals are baseline requirements for success. Templar has deep experience working alongside these key partners.

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How to come across well in press interviews 

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Alienating women could cost financial industry $700bn a year

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