Mastery of the art and science of negotiation enables professionals to transform successful pitches into truly profitable relationships.

Negotiation training is a proven investment in any firm’s present and future growth. Templar’s programmes achieve immediate results. We curate the vast field of negotiation theory, teaching and embedding only those elements that are most relevant in any given context.

Importantly, the mastery of negotiation begins when many of the widely believed myths are rejected. One of these is that negotiations are big set-piece ‘moments of truth’, with a necessary winner and loser. In fact, negotiations start with the earliest client interactions.

Ultimately, effective negotiation builds stronger relationships, as each party should feel that they have reached outcomes with which they can be satisfied.

Templar training equips attendees with:

  • Key negotiation skills for establishing and maintaining high value long term relationships
  • Effective, disciplined approach to both preparation and the actual negotiation
  • Using strategies for influence
  • Handling difficult counterparties and power inbalance
  • Increased skill in negotiating pricing, fees, contracts and term sheets
  • Techniques for closing negotiations
  • Ability to evaluate client’s personal and business drivers, team dynamics and strategy
  • Skills to manage pushback, objections and impasse without damaging the relationship
  • Handling interruptions, and tough or sceptical questions

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