An IPO presentation creates a first impression with financial analysts, institutional and retail investors, the press and, broader public too.

For this reason, maximising the chance of success isn’t only an investment in the public listing, it is also an investment in the future perception of the company.

Templar has over 20 years’ experience in supporting management teams at every stage of the journey. We provide practical help and advice to management in the preparation and delivery of both communication to large audiences and critical on-on-one with investors.
We offer specific advice and coaching throughout the process.

Early look meetings
These meetings offer select investors a first opportunity to meet with the leadership team and to receive a shorter version of the fuller equity story, ahead of the official start of the management roadshow. Investors particularly like to hear the personal dimension from engaged CEOs and rarely need chapter and verse on the business model, unless it is complex and unfamiliar. Communication in this environment demands brevity, agility and impact.

The Analyst presentation
The Analyst Presentation is a vital landmark in any IPO. Long, detailed presentations of this type must be tightly coordinated, with well-structured messages, containing detailed and accurate proof points. Each section needs to tie in with the overall story. Sell-side Analysts will probe extensively, challenging Management on their business model and strategy in depth, in order to get the granularity that will allow them more accurately to refine their financial models. It is important, therefore, that Management come across as open and clear. They also need to convey their enthusiasm and belief in the strategy they present, because the Analysts they present to will ultimately become prominent ‘loudhailers’ for the company out to the institutional buy-side.

The Management roadshow
The most gruelling part of the IPO process for management is often the roadshow. It consists of dozens of meetings, in a multitude of cities, across several different meeting formats – and possibly time zones – over days and weeks. The risk from a communications perspective is that speakers become jaded as ‘Groundhog Day’ effect bites. The result can include a loss of impact and enthusiasm, snappishness, message ill-discipline, careless talk in Q&A and more. The right preparation and the right coaching minimises risk and maximises consistent performance.

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