From ‘fireside chats’, to Management Presentations, through to due diligence sessions, leadership teams will meet several times with potential bidders, one of whom ultimately will become the new owner of the business.

Get the best outcome during negotiations whether it’s win-win or win-lose . We provide training and advice to improve negotiation skills. Teams and individuals leave with better methodologies, enhanced judgement and an expanded range of techniques and tactics they can use to achieve their aims in a range of scenarios. We focus on personal techniques and robust theoretical frameworks in our programmes and we specialise in professional service and M&A pricing discussions.

Management Presentations are usually quite lengthy. Management will typically spend the best part of a day, or more, with the bidder’s team. This can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, Management clearly have the opportunity really to engage with bidders. At the same time, however, the bidder’s agenda and penetrating questioning may begin to chip away at the robustness of the assumptions underpinning the business plan. Ultimately, these presentations provide a crucial opportunity for Management confidently to demonstrate their conviction in their strategy and in its execution. Communication coaching ensures that management deliver strong, clearly articulated key messages that drive the investment case; show individual communication that is authoritative, but conversational; give the impression of a tight, integrated management team; and practice agility and control in the toughest Q&A discussions.

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