For most executives, a landmark speech or keynote address is a comparatively infrequent part of their communications calendar. Frequent or not, it is invariably pivotal and a source of disproportionate focus for that individual.

There are a range of considerations that may not be habitual. Who is the audience? What is their level of engagement and understanding with my subject? Who are the other speakers and how will my content stand out? What prompts (if any) should I use? What should I do with my body language? Templar’s clients value the experience that we bring from over two decades of preparing and coaching individuals ahead of these critical presentations.

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Five overused words that undermine credibility 

If you want to have genuine impact when you write or present, there are certain words you’d do well to avoid. They’ve lost all meaning and will only act to obscure your message and turn people off. A stubborn myth persists in corporate life that if we don’t use the...

How to reap the peace dividend at work

How to reap the peace dividend at work

On World Peace Day it feels appropriate to look at ways to handle difficult conversations with clients and resolve conflict at work. DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS are an unavoidable fact of life. And yet most people do their very best to avoid them. Whether it’s an unhappy...

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