Trusted Advisor is a well-worn phrase but it is also a well-placed aspiration.

The best, most consistent client returns occur when relationship managers gain ‘trusted advisor’ status. That means targeting – and understanding – the ‘right’ clients and the ‘right’ people who lead them. Effective relationship managers are able to challenge client thinking, develop and communicate innovative solutions, generate effective follow-up, and deliver the whole firm.

Templar’s relationship management coaching and training addresses both the client-facing dynamic, and related internal issues. It enables RMs to become better strategic advisors, able to align solutions with client needs. They will also become more systematic and effective in their idea generation, and more impactful in their client follow-up.

  • Targeting the right clients
  • Understanding your clients
  • Covering the right individuals
  • Idea creation and solutions
  • Generating follow-up
  • Pipeline management
  • Delivering the firm
  • Account leadership
  • Tenacity and its relationship to ‘luck’
  • Unlocking stalled relationships

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