Any ‘roadshow’ can be tiring, repetitive and potentially frustrating as the reception to the story from investors can vary so much from meeting to meeting.

Whether an entrepreneur on a high-intensity Series B capital raise, or a public company management team holding ongoing strategy meetings with institutional investors, the volume and variety of meetings can be tough. 

These meetings will likely be hosted in different formats and involve discussions with both generalists, and specialist investors who understand the sector and business model closely. Of note, meetings are invariably time poor and if there is a complex business model to explain, management can get ‘bogged down’, struggling to land all of the key content. The investment case may not get the airing it deserves.

Beyond discipline and resilience, therefore, presenters embarking on a tough roadshow schedule benefit from thorough preparation with respect to their communication. A strong ability to choreograph meetings effectively is important, as are high levels of agility in presentation and communication. Reading the room well, being able to handle challenge, and pivoting briskly are qualities that the best teams possess and practice.

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