Any media engagement, print or broadcast, that falls short of first-rate reflects poorly on leadership, and undermines confidence in the institution. In extreme cases, such episodes can impact both brand and valuation.

Templar advises senior executives on critical media events – from broadcast to broadsheet interviews as well as internal feeds and investor days. We offer tailored training programs to inoculate against common pitfalls, and bring out the executive’s authentic, relaxed, and confident self.

Our clients have been interviewed for articles appearing in the Wall St Journal, the Financial Times and numerous trade magazines.

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Maternity Coaching: a step in the right direction (part 1)

Maternity Coaching: a step in the right direction (part 1)

The ‘mummy track’ In financial and professional services, it is well-documented that many high-performing women become mothers at the peak of their career and either leave the workforce or move into a less demanding role. This plateauing of a woman’s career trajectory...

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