Templar’s Influence and Persuasion courses cover a range of domains that help professionals across all levels build stronger relationships to deliver better business outcomes. Programs are designed according to client and stakeholder need.

Personal Brand
Success in financial and professional services hinges on reputation. What clients and stakeholders say – and think – about an individual defines how that person is rated versus their peers. Understanding personal brand and its link to building ’equity’ at work is central to career development. Templar teach a practical five-step process for individuals to amplify their unique professional brand

53% of working adults admit to doing little or no networking and yet 89% say that networking would be additive for their career goals. Internal networking supports productivity, engagement and above all visibility. Externally, effective networking improves client relationships, drives referrals, and enhances prospecting. Equipped with the right tools and mindset networking can become an enjoyable and habitual part of the working week.

Navigating difficult conversations
Difficult discussions ‘go with the territory’ for almost all professionals in the workplace – whether in client-facing or internal roles. The question is do these interactions damage or enhance the relationship with the counterparty? Getting the balance of objectivity, empathy and forthrightness can be a challenge. Throw in personality type, power dynamic and potentially stressed environments and the risk of missing the target increases dramatically. Preparation is the first of many key disciplines.

Strategic partnering
The last decade has seen headcount in support functions grow dramatically across financial and professional services, driven by the imperatives of technology, regulation and risk management. And yet, all too often, support functions are treated as ‘order-takers’ by colleagues in the front office. Templar run a modular program that is designed for Business Partners and those working in Corporate Functions in financial and professional services. The sessions examine the range of skills required to be perceived as a trusted advisor and strategic partner with the business. From addressing complex problems and driving strategic change, to learning techniques to be seen as an independent challenger and effective communicator, this program contains the essential toolkit.

Consensus building
All organisations require collaboration. The more important and complex an organizational initiative, the more likely there will be multiple stakeholders in any given decision-making process. Unanimity of perspective is comparatively rare. The ability, therefore, to understand multiple competing perspectives, to build alignment, to surface and negate objections and ultimately to get to consensus are qualities that need to be mastered in order to progress.

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