Leaders are most open to development at the key inflection points in their careers.

When they first begin leading people or are moved into a new role, it’s important to make sure they get the developmental support they need. Organisations can also get ahead of the curve by investing in high potential employees’ leadership capabilities early on. Talented, high potential employees offer four times the value to their organization and leadership development is not only essential, but a key motivator for them.

Templar develops a skill set that allows leaders to flex their leadership approach throughout their careers. We offer core leadership courses, longer development experiences (3-6 month) and executive coaching tailored to the needs of your business. The short courses are good for introducing leadership concepts as well as acting as refreshers for all levels. Programs are focused and practical, and offer periodic learning to make sure new skills are embedded in your business. Executive coaching is an effective way to support the development of all leaders.

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