Podcast: The Power of Storytelling

In conversation with a Chen Yang and Rebecca Bates of management consultancy firm Typhoon Consulting, the podcast explores the importance of storytelling in business communication.

Templar consultant Divya Ahluwaila reveals why stories impact us and how to use storytelling to become a more impactful communicator that can influence people to act.

Find out how best to use storytelling in the work you do.


Divya-AhluwaliaDivya is based in Templar’s Hong Kong office. She is an award-winning communications professional who has led multi-million dollar brands on a global scale.

She draws extensively on her experience to coach clients on using storytelling, articulate and position messages clearly and ensure communication that is impactful and authentic.

Divya did her MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. She has lived and worked in India, Oman, USA and is thrilled to call Hong Kong home.



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