Webinar highlights part 1: Managing Diverse Organisations

Business brain is a think tank we launched four years ago, to bring our clients informative and engaging conversations on leadership, diversity, performance and neuroscience.

Over the next three weeks, we’ll be sharing webinar highlights from our most recent Business Brain event, where we discussed diversity and inclusion. Part one touches on intention, the importance of training and purpose. The event was facilitated by Templar co-founder Joseph Bikart.

We look at diversity and inclusion from two angles:

From a recruitment point of view: we looked at how we can attract diverse employees and interns to join the ranks and thrive in the companies they join. Dawid Konotey-Ahulu, co-founder of Redington, Mallowstreet and #100BlackInterns, shared insights about this initiative, which aims to address the underrepresentation of black talent in the investment management sector.

Marie-Laure Humbert, an executive coach and asset management strategist, explored how to train those in leadership roles to create more welcoming corporate environments for people of diverse backgrounds and provide opportunities for them to succeed, once hired.


Our next Business Brain event in April will be on Neurodiversity and if you would like to attend please email bsquared@templaradvisors.com.

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