“There was nothing that we did in that room that wasn’t helpful…”
Global Head, Institutional Client Group of a major bank on attending Templar training

“I’ve worked with Templar for over 20 years and have seen first-hand the value of management teams investing time in their coaching. It all pays dividends in the IPO. This is a high stakes moment: you’ve invested in the rest of your advisory community, you should make sure the delivery is also equal to that task. Templar also helps companies prepare for life after the IPO offering.”
Managing Director, European Capital Markets Advisory

“I just wanted to share some feedback from the High Impact Communication course. To sum the course up it was simply ‘brilliant’. It has been one of the best courses I have attended both in person and virtually.”
VP, leading global speciality insurer

“Amount of time was very good: they kept the session very interactive and gave a lot of good examples. Taping some of the exercises was very helpful. Honestly, the most useful training I’ve gotten since I started at [bank]. The fact that this was tailored to FX, taught by a guy that has an S&T background, really made it applicable. Most of the training I’ve done is very generic, but having the FX context made it much more impactful.”
Managing Director, FX Sales – global investment bank

“I thought it was super helpful to see yourself on camera speaking and to really dig in critically on the areas where we can each improve.”
Director, global investment bank

“Thanks so much for all your help and coaching on the presentation. It went really well in the end – I got some very good feedback and got a few laughs on the day from the audience. It made such a difference that you were familiar with the subject matter and gave me some great tips for the delivery.”
Senior Quant Researcher, Global Asset Manager

“The session was interesting as well as helpful and will definitely utilize the techniques discussed.”
VP, global investment bank

“Thank you for the very enlightening session! You make it seem so easy!”
VP, Private Asset Management

“I mentioned our use of Templar in focusing and training our investment and marketing teams…We have seen dramatic results after only a few sessions and people are being far more open to more going forwards.  The feedback couldn’t be more positive.”
Managing Principal, Capital Formation – US asset manager

“I enjoyed the session today.  These are the kind of small group or 1:1 sessions that are truly valuable.”
Director, US global investment bank

“I found the course to be extremely helpful. [My firm] should hire you as a full time guy training employees and helping our clients. Now that would be a really good way to get closer to our clients!”
Director, US Asset Manager

“It was a pleasure working with you. I appreciate your constructive and critical approach.  I frankly am amazed at how much I believe I accomplished in a short time.”
Director, Corporate & Investment Banking, US global bank.

“I thought was great.  Certainly the best of its kind I have attended.  He spoke our language and understood as much about the sales process as anyone not sitting in this type of seat can. Many of the concepts resonated and certainly are actionable.  In particular, the importance of preparation; a strong opening to set the tone for the meeting, the importance of closing. Clever use of the camcorder.  Because it was an intimate group it wasn’t nearly as awkward as it could have been.  We all learned something about ourselves and about our group from the role play.”
Director, FX Sales – global investment bank.

 “It was a great pleasure meeting you today. I am sure your seminar can take anybody’s career to the next level.”
Director, Private Wealth Management

“Amazing training session and definitely came away with a lot of good tips and more confidence. Really appreciate it.”
Director, US advisory bank

“Truly appreciated all of your tips – the Templar session was hands down the best part of the two-day Off-site.”
VP, US private equity firm

“Thanks so much for the helpful session and the materials!  I highly recommended it to our HR partners so that others in my division are encouraged to sign up for a session in the future”
VP, Senior research analyst, US asset manager

“I wanted to thank you again, a bit more formally, for the course – truly the most effective presentation training I have taken. Specifically, the piece that stood out was your coaching style. You sensed the struggle as we worked through our presentations, however, you did not jump in to correct or tweak. Rather, you let us adjust as we felt necessary, and then reviewed and proposed strategies at the end. Not sure if it was my favorite or least favorite part…but you can be assured it was effective. We say it all the time in technology, but that struggle we went through is the most important piece to learning a new skill.”
Director, Cyber-security, global investment bank.

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