Location: LONDON

Hugo Jackson

Email: hj@templaradvisors.com

Hugo is a founder of Templar Advisors and has spent the last 18 years working in communications. Hugo has worked with major financial services and industrial clients across the USA, Europe and Asia. He advises investment banking teams on their client pitches; Asset Management houses and alternative investment managers on their fund-raising communication; global markets professionals on their sales communication with clients; as well as coaching and training experienced individuals within the corporate world on all aspects of their critical communications.

Clients include senior management and key coverage teams at Credit Suisse, Apollo Capital Management, BlackRock, and UBS among others. He lectures at the London Business School. He also writes speeches for business leaders and public figures.

His previous professional experience includes four years in the oilfield services industry, where he was the International marketing and communications manager for a US engineering firm. He worked in Texas, and lived and worked in France, Holland and Germany running the sales and marketing effort across EMEA.

He has an MA in English Language and Literature, and an MBA from HEC in France. Hugo speaks fluent French.

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