Charity Focus: Our work with Enrich

Based in Hong Kong, Enrich is a leading charity that delivers financial and empowerment education aimed at helping migrant domestic workers plan for a better financial future by teaching them how to save, budget and plan ahead. Reports suggest that over 370,000 domestic workers live in Hong Kong with many starting their new jobs in debt incurred from fees charged by illegal employment agencies.

Since their inception in 2007, Enrich has trained over 20,000 workers through education and outreach programmes.  As well as workshops, Enrich also provides a one-to-one financial counselling service aimed at addressing issues such as debt that’s spiraling out of control, and they also provide a hotline for migrant domestic workers and their employers. Following their workshops, 96% of Enrich participants start tracking their expenses.

Enrich Mission

To empower migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong, regardless of nationality or background, to transform their lives through financial education and personal development programmes.

The Growing My Money workshop, one of the many courses presented by the Enrich team, is run over two sessions and is aimed at helping migrant workers understand the concepts of investments, retirement plans, insurance and how to avoid being scammed.

Earlier this year, Templar Advisors stepped in to run a course on personal impact and best practice communications to Enrich’s executive director and operations team.

Singapore director, Neal Thapar said: “Enrich often present in various persuasive settings, from audiences of migrant workers themselves, to potential sponsors / investors, and at corporate events. The course was an opportunity for the operations team to explore new ideas for their communication style in these settings to enable them to become more persuasive. What we teach is highly practical and actionable and it was a pleasure to work with a charity who are making such a difference.”

Lucinda Pike, Executive Director

“We are grateful for the fantastic training we received from Neal. The team found the whole session to be very valuable, from the importance of pauses to structuring meetings in line with client expectations.

We’ve already had a quick brainstorm this morning about the benefits section for another of our stakeholders (employers of domestic workers) and will continue to have more internal sessions practicing what was shared, along with some video feedback of each other.”


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